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BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell Episode 11 released!

BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell Episode 11 released!

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BloodSpell's back, with only 4 episodes to go before the end - and now nominated for Best Series in the Machinima Film Festival 2006 (http://festival.machinima.org)!

You can download or view episode 11 of BloodSpell from http://www.bloodspell.com/film/list/.

Inside the Pyramid, Jered and Gad find Gad's Iron Arm, abandoned with no obvious protection. It can't be that easy, can it?
Outside, Blood Mages are trapped on the Spire, overlooked by a large number of guards armed with deadly crossbows - will Jered's rescue plan succeed?

Hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think!

The next episode, Episode 12, will be released on the 8th of November, just after the Machinima Film Festival. So I'll probably still be hung over...
  • Polish fan

    Wow... The 11th episode is very good! Maybe one of the best ;)

    Nice action, interresting events and some new relased mysteries. What can I say more? The engine of the episode is near 'perfect' so they aren't important faults, maybe a few, but it doesn't matter for me.
    Very good job!

    Waiting for your next episodes, Your Polish fan - VeeTeK
    • Re: Polish fan

      Thanks! Yeah, I'm quite happy with this episode - lots of action and intrigue.

      I think I know the faults you mean. They were annoying me as we reviewed it. It's the nightmare of a fixed release schedule - you can't release "when it's done", you sometimes have to accept stuff.

      Ah, well. We'll fix it in the feature cut :)
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