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BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell Episode 10 released!

BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell Episode 10 released!

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BloodSpell's back, a day earlier than planned, and Jered, Gad and Carrie are on a mission.

You can now download or view episode 10 of BloodSpell from http://www.bloodspell.com/film/list/.

Jered and his team make their way through the tunnels and into the fortress, towards the Pyramid, thought to contain Gad's Arm, and the Spire, which contains many of the dangerous Blood Mages captured by the church. On the way, Jered meets an old friend - but not everyone has the same priorities...

Hope you enjoy it, and let us know what you think! We're starting to run up to the climax of the series now.

The next episode, Episode 11, will be released on the 18th of October.
  • Polish fan

    Before they're no comments, I'll start. I'm the Polish fan of Bloodspell and I've watched all episodes. One were better, other were less better.
    The 10th episode is one of those good, but I'll pay attentions on two things in this episode.
    1)I don't think the Church brothers have a patrols in the serwers. It's strange for me. I don't know why - it's just non common with the noble people like the brothers of Church.
    2)In the scene with Jered's and Arianne's kissing - why Jered's wearing different clothes? It is a bad feeling for me.
    That's it - the rest is great of episode is fine.
    By the way - BloodSpell is great. I'm one of the less Polish fans, that look on story, not only on action. You, i mean the team of BloodSpell haven't many fans in Poland, because... As i said - most receivers looks only on action, and then they said that Manichima Movie is bad. :/
    BTW...Will they're be some new Polish subtitles? :)
    BTW - sory, if my English isn't good. I'm still learning :)
    So just good luck in creating new episodes. I'm relling on You - team of BloodSpell ;)

    Contact with me:witekzory@o2.pl
    • Re: Polish fan

      1) These are actually secret tunnels, although I know we didn't explain that - but the Monks are paranoid enough to patrol anywhere there's an entrance to their fortress.

      2) AARGH! I can't believe we didn't spot that. We are t3h n00bz0rs! Aargh!

      Thanks for the comments!
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