Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

Anatomy of a shot...

The shot: Jered runs across a bridge, narrowly dodging some nasties (not to spoiler).

Take 1) Jered saunters across the bridge. The critters leave rather later than expected as we forget to pause. Jered stops dead in the middle of them. CUT!

Take 2) Jered saunters again, arriving waaaay after the critters left. We remembered to pause this time, meaning he arrives approximately a solar age after the last one passes out of shot. CUT!

Take 3) Jered legs it toward the critters. They're not ghosted, and so bump into each other in a confused fashion until Jered collides with them. A pagga ensues. CUT!

Take 4) Jered legs it toward the critters. The critters pass. Jered runs... The critters run... Jered runs straight through one of them. CUT!

Take 5) Surely Take 4 was just a mistake. No, apparently not. Second verse, same as... CUT!

Take 6) We delete the rear-most critters. Set everything up. Critters are moving - Jered is sauntering along at walking pace. CUT!

Take 7) It f----ng works. Cut, print, wrap, next shot.

As f33b says, we're on form today.

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