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Episode 7 Did You Know

Music Editing

My personal favorite musical selection thus far in the series was "Hello Mr. Hyde" by The Screaming Banshee Aircrew, which was heard during the scene with the iron golems and again in the end credits of Episode 7. One of the challenges associated with using a musical selection which was not scored explicitly for the film is getting the timing to line up just right. Just about every music selection in the film so far has been edited for a better fit, but none quite to the extent as Mr. Hyde.

For the scene itself, we had a specific start point in mind, and then three major "hit points" where the music needed align with the action. In order to accomplish this, the song needed to be cut into several pieces and yet have the edits be as difficult to perceive as possible. Those of you who have done any audio editing are familiar with cutting and pasting together different pieces of audio to make them fit. With music, there's the added challenge of having no discernable break in the tempo, and nothing in the instrumentation should sound awry or chopped.

The best way to accomplish this depends on the nature of the musical track; in this case, it was a combination of hard cuts and crossfades that led to the best result. Illustrating the particulars is difficult in writing, so tune in to the overcast #009 in a couple weeks and I'll walk through the entire process and you can hear exactly how it works.

Yo Quiero Kitty Kitty

I have yet to meet Karak Demoncaller in person, but we do get a brief glimpse of his pet in Episode 7. During one of the preliminary edits, Hugh mentioned that "the cat" just didn't sound right. That made a good deal of sense, actually... since I'd very deliberately (and mistakenly) made it sound like a little growling dog. Who knew a guy with a name like Karak would be a cat person? Although it could rightly be argued that a man who owns a chihuahua isn't fully committed to being a dog person anyway, and that's what I'd thought I was seeing. So part of me was relieved, actually.

edisnI liveD

In keeping with the religious controversy surrounding the project, it seemed only fitting to include a backmasked "evil" message in Episode 7. You can hear the deep voice uttering it just prior to Jered being absorbed by the portal. Two points to whomever can decipher the message first. (hint)

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