burmston (burmston) wrote in bloodspell,

Tales from the cutting room, vol: erm

Hello great and glorious interweb,

Has been many a moon since we posted anything about what has been happening in the jolly old SC towers' cutting room (ie the tiny little bit of space between Johnnie and Steve and just behind Hugh, that's it, left abit, left a bit, there, that small shelf that's where I work - open plan huh?).

I'm sure many readers have happily forgotten the madcap droolings of the post entitled "Editgasm" some months ago when we first got the Macbook and I got to move from Premiere (pants) to final cut pro (nice). Things are still happy, and the marriage hasn't gone sour yet though it does have it's shouty moments - "Argh, spinny beach ball of doom again, where's my ^&%$^%$ing coffee cup" - as with any healthy relationship.

What's been even more fun is trying my hand at a bit of the old motion graphics - oooh i love it - and Ep8 is full of it - I can't tell you any more right now otherwise Hugh will kill me - yes even long distance from Leipzig - like chairman Mao, machinimaguruhughhancock is always with you (it's true, all SC employees have a small statue of him in their house - just in case).

So what's been happening - well I've been taking bits of footage, chopping them up and putting them together - exciting isn't it? Well I think it is, you just stick to your accountancy job.

Johnnie and I are off to Germany next week too, we get to go and present bloodspell to Medienforum in Berlin (assuming we get on a plane at all). This promises to be a right laugh and I'm hoping that there's someone there to set Johnnie on - ie Microsoft employees or something - have you ever seen a greyhound coursing a hare? Transfer that to an effeminate yorkshire man chasing a microsoft PR executive and you've got the picture, we'll have their heads mounted on a shield and put on the wall in the ever cluttered office next to the heads of German press, MIAA and the people who make Canopus Procoder (oh and adobe).

Well can't I go on? We were supposed to be going for drinkies tonight with Rooster Teeth but Johnnie can't find them - we assume they're lying in a whisky soaked haze somewhere in Edinburgh - and good luck to them (though they may not have their wallets when they come round).

There wasn't very much about editting at all in there, but if you do it you know how fun it is and we wouldn't want to tellthe rest of the world otherwise they'd all be doing it now wouldn't they? Time for me to gosub coffeepot before I doze off.


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