Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

And Now The Bad News: Episode 8 Delay

I'm afraid, right on the heels of the great news below, we've got some bad news.

You win some, you lose some. We won Leipzig, we've lost Ep 8.

Phil "Overman" Rice's Sound Editing Monster PC is very, very broken. It stopped working, in that charmingly random way that computers sometimes do, a couple of weeks ago. Overman sent it back to the manufacturers with a note attached that read "Broken. Pls fix. Plsplsplskthnx", and prepared for a few sleepless nights catching up on the sound editing when the computer came back.

Handily, we were delaying a week to show the episode at Leipzig. The schedule still looked pretty frightening after we lost a week to fixing, but we all know that Phil's an inhuman sound-editing machine with no need for food, sleep or human contact, so, you know, no worries.

It came back. Phil leapt into the fray like Leonidas at Thermopylae, only more sound-edity and less Greek. 'Twas going well.

Until the little bastard PC stopped working again.

At present, the PC's winging its merry way back to California. Episode 8 is edited, but the sound's not quite finished - about another 12 hours of work to go, Phil reckons.

So, we have no sound and no director (thanks to the fact that I'm rushing off to Leipzig in, ooh, 3 hours). Things don't look good for Episode 8.

in all likelihood, it'll be another fortnight. I know, I know, I'm sorry. I've got the final cut of the episode sitting on this laptop right here. It does exist, and we really have filmed it. It's just in no fit state to be seen out in public bringing shame on it's poor mother, it's ugly visage frightening the local children and angering the menfolk of the village. Give us a couple of weeks to do an Extreme Makeover : BloodSpell Edition, and we'll have it ready for you.

We'll try and get some appetite-wheting treat out for you in the meantime (no promises, mind), and we'll work to get back on to our original schedule as soon as possible.

So, once again, sorry. Steve wanted me to tell you that all our grandmothers had simultaneously died, that we'd had a terrible fire, and that the dog had eaten episode 8. Those are all lies. Johnnie does, however, have a note from his mother.

Dear Mr Interweb,

Little Johnnie is to be excused from releasing an episode this week, on account of how it's not ready yet.

yours sincerely,

Johnnie's mum (Mrs)

P.S. He's promised to finish his homework soon, otherwise he'll get such a smack.

P.S. Did I mention "sorry"?

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