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BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell: Bigger than Jesus.

BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell: Bigger than Jesus.

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I stand by my statement about the size of BloodSpell. Not only is it bigger than Jesus, but we've got a bigger crew than he did too.

Listen to this probing investigation from Phil "More in-depth than Paxman" Rice to learn more.
  • As you might expect, we've had emails over this. A lot of people are very concerned and confused as to exactly what our stance is here. I'd like to clear things up once and for all, so, on behalf of Strange Company, let me state categorically:


    The Creative Commons licence under which you downloaded BloodSpell does indeed allow you to copy the film to a DVD, and then burn that DVD in a holy conflagration under the sight of God, should you so wish.

    Hopefully, that will be the end of the confusion. Please, no more emails on this subject - our inboxes can't take it. Burn away, with our blessing.
  • Haha, I finally got around to googling the "Paxman" reference. Those of us west of the Atlantic might not be as familiar:


    Good stuff. He sounds like an interesting character.
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