Steve (f33b) wrote in bloodspell,

(blargle) (hworp)

While everyone else spent the last couple of days getting episode six ready for release, I've spent them with Subtitle Workshop getting subtitles ready for all 6 episodes. They should be up for download after Johnny and Hugh finish watching them and 'suggesting' changes, so those who were subbing them for foreign languages should be able to get started shortly.

The process has been surprisingly painless - thanks to Gabriel Menotti for suggesting Subtitle Workshop - although I'm starting to think we need less dialogue. And definitely fewer people arguing and cutting each other off. And as for sound effects - well, it's the first time I've ever had to Google "vomit onomatopoeia".

Sadly I've seen the script, and heard the audio. there's more dialogue and arguing to come, but at least there's no more vomiting.

Ah, well.
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