Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

Introducing... Steve "f33b Wallace

I'm going to start doing a series of intros of some of the people who are making and have made BloodSpell happen over here, and there's no better place to start than our longest-serving crew member (and probably the person who's put the most time in on BloodSpell after me), Steve "f33b Wallace.

Steve's been working on BloodSpell for more than two years now, having previously worked with StrangeCo during 2001 on the late lamented Lithtech Film Producer. He still periodically throws Lithtech manuals at walls when he needs to vent his rage.

What does he do? Well, er... everything. See those faces that move and change? Steve Photoshopped all of them from the base faces - over 200 in all, I believe. See the Cathedral set, or the Cellar set? Steve created them. See Jered's outfits? Steve created them, too. See the year we spent shooting an animatic? Steve shot about a third of it, by man-hours.

He's also been responsible for keeping track of our zillions of assets, at least until we finally cracked and installed a version control system (or rather, a version control system that wasn't "Steve's brain"), papering over plot-holes in our two drafts of the animatic before the one we're using to make the film, and much, much more.

And he found us mashups of Green Day and the Beach Boys. Which I still feel was his greatest, or at least most horrifying, achievement.

Steve Wallace, ladies and gentleman. Powerhouse of productivity and Something Awful forum regular. I have difficulty imagining a more frightening combination.

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