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Editgasm - a phrase used yesterday by a mister Steve Wallace to describe what I was experiencing. To fill in some of the background details: I have been editing (amongst other things) at StrangeCo for about 8 months now. The vast majority of this work has been done in Premiere 6 on a very old and delapidated PC whose internal hamster should have been retired long ago. Recently, Hugh has been kind enough (after getting fed up with the continuous swearing followed by my arrival in the office continually ask whether I'd told anyone recently how much I hated Premiere) to buy a fancy new MacBook Pro with FinalCut Pro (and lots of other goodies to go with it). Yumyum.

So yesterday, having successfully edited nearly all of episode 6 in a single day, punctuated by the occasional arrival in the office asking whether I'd told anyone recently how much I loved Final Cut Pro, I was finally asked if I wanted a bit of time alone with the machine and the phrase Editgasm was coined.

So now the editing process is catching up with the filming process - this has a lot to do with not having to wait 3 minutes for every 30 frame transition to render (ooh that made me mad). Despite the speakers in the mac being crap - lets face it they're a million times better than using the headphones that picked up buzzing noises everytime one moved the mouse, could detect the internal hamster's chronic arthritic creakings when ever the processor had to deal with anything beyond words of a single syllable and generally gave you sore ears after 8 hour's straight editing.

So I'm happy, what about you?


PS LJ's spellchecker seems to think the closest approximation to "Editgasm" is "Ataturk's" - I just thought I'd share that.

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