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Episode 2 Did You Know

As we approach the release of Episode 3, I thought I'd share a couple bits of obscure BloodSpell trivia regarding Episode 2:

1) The Giggle
In the city scene, there is a brief over-the-shoulder shot of a woman in a purple dress facing a soldier. If you listen carefully, you'll hear a faint giggle. This laughter was extracted from the "Grunts" track. During the recording of dialogue, Hugh had each actor do a series of grunts, groans, and yells for using during the fighting sequences. Alan Cross ("Gad of the Iron Arm") was up first, and one particularly animated gasp drew laughter from the other cast members, which seemed to help everyone relax a bit more. Charmaine ("Carrie"), who was next in line and second-closest to the microphone, was picked up nice and clear with an involuntary chuckle. Slice and dice, yada yada yada, we have the purple lady's giggle.

2) The Swishing
Dozens of people ascending a staircase make more noise than just footsteps. The slight "whooshing" sound accompanying their march was actually six tracks of me noisily swinging my arms in three different jackets. Why six takes instead of one duplicated? To catch human irregularities in movement, of course. The giggles produced by my wife during this session have not yet been employed in the film.

3) The Wind
I wanted to capture the sense that the higher one ascended the massive staircase, the greater the turbulence would likely be. Therefore, the wind you hear was actually composed of two different wind tracks - one lighter and one more gusty - crossfaded as appropriate. This layering also helped immensely with eliminating any "looped" feel to the patterns of the wind, since the way the tracks lined up there is literally no duplication in the net wind sound throughout the entire scene. Culminating in this way to a fiercer and fiercer wind set things up nicely for Act 3 inside the cathedral, where the "room noise" is the muffled sound of the wind singing and dancing around the building itself.

I hope you enjoy Episode 3! Stay tuned some time after it is released for the inside story of how a fatally wounded vocal track was resurrected.

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