Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

Boing! Boing! Thud.

"Just then, a bandwidth load as heavy as a pregnant elephant sits down on Manfred's head and sends clumps of humongous pixilation flickering across his sensorium: Around the world, five million or so geeks are bouncing on his home site, a digital flash crowd alerted by a posting from the other side of the bar. Manfred winces. "I really came here to talk about the economic exploitation of space travel, but I've just been slashdotted. Mind if I just sit and drink until it wears off?""

- Charlie Stross, Accelerando.

And a big "thank you" to two groups of people - firstly, the lovely people over at Boing Boing, and Cory in particular, for mentioning BloodSpell today -

"There's some damned fine storytelling and editing/production work here -- machinima is still finding its legs, discovering what it's for, and the Strange Company folks are at the forefront of using the medium for feature-length drama, really getting beyond short comedy pieces. "

- and secondly, to the fine folks at Bytemark, our long-suffering hosts, for going above and beyond the call of duty to help us get the site back on the Rails after the aforementioned pregnant elephant of attention landed on us. We're still a bit flaky, but I believe our uptime is back up past 50%...

UPDATE - In other news, we're also now available on Google Video. The quality's horrible - I've got no idea what they did to my poor innocent Quicktime upload - but if you need an instant BloodSpell fix, here you are.
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