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Hugh / Cairmen

Second Teaser is out! One more day to go...

Yep, you can download the Second Teaser, featuring your hero and mine Jered, from the files page now.

(If you're getting confused between the teasers and the trailer, by the way, it's because Jered had a makeover in December, post-trailer, and had all his hair chopped off. The new, smoother Jered is the one you'll see in the series.

Justin, in fact, spent about two weeks on Jered's new hair, or lack therof. Because he's worth it.)

So, with one day to go, how are we feeling? Well, I can't speak for the rest of the team, but - optimistic, tired and surreal. It's extremely odd to think that we've finally (*touch wood*) gotten here, that the day we've been looking forward to for nearly three years now has finally arrived, and that t3h intarwebs will be able to see the fruits of our labours as of tomorrow.

At the same time, the amount of work we've still got to do is stretching out in front of us. I'm actually finding that's a really good thing - for the past month, nearly, I've been mono-focussed on getting the first episode out, and my response to any of the later episodes has pretty much been "la, la, la, I can't hear you". Now I'm starting to be able to lift my head up a little and look at the road ahead of us, and what we're going to have to do over the next six months of release/production is starting to fall into place.

I'm about to buy a wall-planner. That's a major deal for me. I've never felt the need before.

I know, too, that it'll probably be quite a slow burn. It'll take time for the wider world to become aware of BloodSpell, for it to do the viral thing, for people to start telling people who tell people who tell people who work in newspapers. I've done enough Machinima publicity in the past to know that we're not going to have a sudden bang tomorrow - we're about £1,000,000 short of a marketing budget to achieve that - but rather, hopefully, a rapid bubble where first one enquiry comes in, then another, then another, until in six months time we're at a full rolling boil. And it's then when it starts getting really interesting.

Nonetheless, of course we'll have a lot of people viewing us tomorrow, and of course we're all on tenterhooks as to whether or not people will like BloodSpell. The preview screening and the Uberreviewers have helped there - we know that people do, you know, like it - but still, this is the "boot it out of the nest" moment, and we're all going to be holding our breath, hoping we hear rapid flapping sounds and not a horrible thud.

Today what I'm doing is uploading the video to the Usual Suspects, checking it works OK, and putting final polishes on the website. Tomorrow we're into what Johnnie has dubbed the Day of Spam - when we all get into the office early, get the coffee on, and then email everyone, in the world, ever, to let them know that BloodSpell is out, it's here, and it's keeping it real on the block, whilst simltaneously being down with the kids on the street. Word. And at the same time, because we're, you know, human, we'll also be hunching obsessively over our logfiles, bouncing up and down every time someone downloads an episode, and pushing F5 repeatedly on our Technorati feeds like crack-addicted psychology experiment pigeons.

Then, and believe me when I tell you this is the truth, we will be, in a very real way, going out on the piss.

See you tomorrow.

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