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Milestones and reflections

Well, here we are, just a few short days before we release Episode 1 (it's difficult to touch wood and type at the same time, but I managed it by leaning my elbows on the desk). It's been quite a ride. I got involved with the BloodSpell project when it was already well underway - there are several members of the team that have been working on this darned film for longer than I have. However long we've all been doing this though, there's no denying the emotional investment that we all have in BloodSpell. It's been Hugh's life for the past three years, and it's a major part of mine. Looking back over the time I've spent chained to a computer in Strange Company Towers, it seems incredible that we're finally here. Since my first day of filming, I have, in no particular order :

  • Seen The Return Of The King, and cried when I saw the charge of the Rohirim, because it was just so damn perfect

  • Discovered The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the only thing that gives me hope for the future of the Western world

  • Got engaged

  • Made some very good friends

  • Discovered that Homer's hairline and ear form the letters MG, for Matt Groening.

  • Got a second degree

  • Been appointed Site Editor for Machinima.com

  • Learned Ruby and Ruby On Rails

  • Improved my pitiful PHP skills no end

  • Talked about machinima at the Bradford Animation Festival, in front of my mum, my dad and my future mother-in-law

  • Dyed my hair for the first time ever. Day-glow copper, if you're interested - there were complications.

  • Got an LJ, and resolutely refused to use it

  • Determined, after grueling hours of research, that Stewart's Edinburgh Gold really is one of the finest pints in the world

  • Gained a sister-in-law

  • Installed five different Linux distros, one after the other, in a desperate attempt to prove that I'm L33t

  • Seen my childhood obsession, Doctor Who, return to British TV, something I never thought I'd live to see (Russel T. Davis - God bless you, sir).

  • Learned to cook a mean Chicken Korma

  • Started my diet, for real this time, I mean it, four times

  • Discovered that Photoshop Elements is of less practical use than a pen and paper and a scanner

  • Managed to resist throwing away my social life, and potentially my marriage, by joining the Cult of World Of Warcraft

  • Become so obsessed with The Dark Tower that I actually began to believe it was real and started counting the number of letters in people's names

  • Learned XML properly. Loved it.

  • Learned J2ME. Hated it.

  • Missed my graduation to travel across the country and talk about machinima - rock and roll, baby.

  • Traveled on a 'plane for the first time in my life. Seriously

  • Discovered dragal23's real name

  • Watched Lost with ever-increasing fanaticism

BloodSpell began as a small, short, indy film to fill the gap between big Strange Company projects. We're fairly certain that the monster that idea spawned is the largest and most ambitious machinima project ever attempted, which just goes to demonstrate the dangers of enthusiasm. You'll get to see it soon. I think you'll like it. I hope you do, because if everybody hates it after all this time it'll be a real kick in the mouth. Whatever the general reaction is, though, I'm proud of it. I know everybody else is too. All being well, we'll have a 30-second teaser for you later on today, just to whet your collective appetites. If that's not enough, well ... we'll see you on Wednesday.

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