Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

Plug - K at the Traverse!

Just a quick note - Russell Loten, the voice of Quaen in Episode 1 of BloodSpell and, ooh, about half our other bit-parts, is playing K in, er, "K", at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh from the 25th to the 29th of this month, 8pm start. See the Traverse website for more info.

"K makes a choice to come and see a play; he could not predict that he would not see the play. The act of choosing does not determine the outcome. Circumstances change, events happen. K cannot accept these changes at first; he arrives quite assured and certain of his purpose. K believes in hard concrete facts and tangible outcomes, but this could very well change too. This new work is inspired by Franz Kafka’s The Castle."

There's also a review up on the Scotsman website.
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