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BloodSpell Development Updates

T3h haX!

BloodSpell Development Updates

T3h haX!

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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,344 of 2,655 words of Act 2 (of 6) shot

We rock. A nice piece of hide-and-seek action (which is good because it involves one character being very, very still), followed by a big conversation sequence, and we're nearly through Act 2! I reckon one more day of shooting, perhaps two.

And our Quote for the Day, from f33b:

"I get excited by small children."

The rest of the office turns to look at him

"Only when they leave."
  • I was in Demi Johns t'other day and they had a large vat of an opaque, sickly pink vodka. The man said 'It tastes just like it looks'. Erin says 'It looks like little girls'.

    Coulda heard an *imaginary* pin drop.
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