Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

Another hard day

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,791 of 2,655 words of act 2 (of 6) shot

As I said a few days ago, the word count isn't the most accurate way to track our progress ever. In the last two days, we've shot a bunch of conversational footage, which is really simple to shoot (set up camera, run audio track, lipsynch, repeat), and racks up the wordcount nicely.

Today was a nightmare for a different reason - we're shooting a big confrontational sequence where I'd not looked at the animatic for a while, and the camerawork turned out to be scrappy as hell. In addition, the action happening didn't exactly match the (virtual) location, and there were some actions our characters couldn't perform, so I ended up madly juggling a hundred different filming variables in my head, coming up with all sorts of mad and implausible shots, and getting a bit ratty. However, as often happens, we've gotten a few really nice pieces of footage out of it all, and it may actually end up one of the best scenes in the act.

We've also had a ton of people in the office, which has posed its own logistical problems in terms of getting them all little things like seats. Today we've had Chris and Charmaine pair-working on one PC whilst Ross runs the other and Willem sits in my loungue racing through assemblies of the Act 2 footage like an editing machine.

Sound for Act 1 is progressing well from what Phil says, but it's still to early to give an exact date on when it'll be done. So, please hold on just that little bit longer for the release, and it'll all be great!
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