ihatesheep (ihatesheep) wrote in bloodspell,

We're riding the Rails. Or so I'm told.

A successful day, for a given value of "successful".

This post isn't going to have much to do with machinima or film-making - only read this if you're a geek web programmer type.

We re-wrote the site almost from scratch. It featured much cursing and swearing, interrupted by occasional moments when we actually found the bit of code we needed, at which point we both tended to sit back and mutter "Oooh ... that's really clever".

Hugh kept insisting that, although Ruby (and Rails) is very clever and slick and all that, it would be easier to do what we were doing in PHP. He changed his tune when we looked at some of the old source code. Three simple lines of Ruby translated into about fifteen horribly complicated lines of PHP. We didn't realise that they were horribly complicated, because we're both used to looking at PHP code (in particular, I'm used to looking at Hugh's PHP code, which is an experience like no other).

Of course, it took us all afternoon to write those three beautiful lines of Ruby, but when I started writing PHP that's about the speed I moved at. I'm hoping that, as I get more experience using Ruby I'll speed up. At the moment, I'm much, much better in PHP, but I can see Ruby overtaking that quite quickly (Hugh has also seen my PHP code, which is usually very well structured but completely broken).

So, the site now runs on Rails. Hooray. Can you see the difference?
No, neither can we.
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