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BloodSpell Development Updates

We're focus-grouping!

BloodSpell Development Updates

We're focus-grouping!

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So we've got the feedback from Friday. And now we've processed it, and we've got collaborative documents about it (go go gadget Writely!), and graphs, and all sorts of things. I feel really Hollywood now. "Hmm, I see our numbers are a little down on Episode 2. But we're showing good enjoyment on Episode 3".

Seriously, it's really interesting how, in a Long Tail stylee, a few comments keep cropping up again and again. Overall, it's looking like we can probably push everyone's enjoyment up simply by fixing a couple of points.

Unfortunately, one of them seems to be the music. A bit of explanation - we're avoiding the oh-so-cliche "strings and horns" orchestral music common to fantasy films in favour of a punky/rocky contemporary feel, inspired by "A Knight's Tale".

Unfortuately, about 60% of our audience seemed to HATE that idea, whilst 10% love it. I'm kinda in a quandry now (great cars, those Quandries). Do we Embrace the Cliche? Or do we forge on knowing we're losing audience members? And why do people have such a problem accepting non-orchestral background music on fantasy? Hmm. Many questions to ponder.

Also, so far, we seem to have about a 50% split between "I hated Carrie's dress" and "I love Carrie's dress". That would be the dress, or rather "strips of cloth", you're seeing to your right, which Matt Kelland (of "No License" and "Machinima - the coffee table book", and soon "awesome Machinima creation tool" fame) dubbed the "Vampirella" dress. I suspect that, in this case, our ENTIRE female audience is on the "hate it" side, but I could be wrong...
  • we're avoiding the oh-so-cliche "strings and horns" orchestral music common to fantasy films in favour of a punky/rocky contemporary feel, inspired by "A Knight's Tale".

    I think horns and strings are used so often because give more of an emotional feeling of older and more established things. modern style music tends to stir up more 20/21 century western ideas.

    i think the music in the trailer works well though :) so i can see a different style of music working, but that shouldn't mean no strings. orchestral can be very good for buildups and giving things persepctive and size (eg when showing the steps for the first time)
    The hard thing is getting the right bits in where they need to be.

    maybe its just when i think of fight scenes with guitar in the background i think of steven segall.
    • From the comments sheets:

      "Jered = Chuck Norris!"

      Jered doesn't go hunting. Jered goes killing!
  • I suspect that, in this case, our ENTIRE female audience is on the "hate it" side, but I could be wrong...
    Well, I hate it anyway, does that help? ;)

    On the plus side, I'd be one of the 10% in favour of the Knight's Tale approach to the music.
  • (no subject) -
  • I like the idea of the rock music feel - I wasn't at your preview, so my comment is without experience - however I would have guessed if the rock theme is evident from the opening scene/note that it has a better chance of success. I disliked the trailers of A Knight's Tale very much,but I loved the movie.

    Re Carrie's dress. I don't hate it, but from the still above she does look a bit 'badly tied'.
  • Music

    Hi Hugh,

    I'm not sure I'm entirely qualified to post on here (!), but I just wanted to give you my tuppence worth on the music issue... I would say go with your gut. You're the one with the vision. If you follow your instincts, it will at least be somebody's vision. If you try to anticipate other people's likes and dislikes too much, there will be no coherent vision and you'll wind up pleasing nobody. Personally, I really liked the music (Carrie's - erm - costume is another thing though ;o)). I think that when all the sound work is finished fully it will gel even better. There's always going to be heated discussion and divided opinions about such a subjective topic as music - and indeed film - preference. As Director for Bloodspell, you've made so many creative decisions over the years, all intrinsically tied in with your ultimate vision. I think you have to stand firm on this one, or some of the coherence will be lost...

    Feel free to ignore my ramblings, but I really thought that the music worked brilliantly with the visuals and the dialogue, and so I'm defending it from my corner :o)


    P.S. I've posted on a blog! Johnnie will faint! Does this make me an official Geek now? :o)
    • Re: Music

      Well blogged!

      Yeah, that's what we're going to do, I think. It's something that I felt really strongly about on the project, and I still think that it mostly works very well. We may add some "eases" into the music, but it's still going to be punk.
    • Re: Music

      BTW - how do we fix Carrie's costume? Suggestions please!
      • Re: Music

        Be warned... My views on this are going to be very girly ;o)

        I'm not sure how practical it is to change Carrie's costume at this stage, but if you do, and if you want to keep her fairly undressed (no problem with that, incidentally - just don't like the gaffer tape and loin cloth look!), I'd go for a Celtic-Belly Dancer hybrid! Something like the top from this picture, with a mini skirt instead of the huge tent ;o)


        Or maybe take some inspiration from Firefly (more Inara, than Kaylee's pink blancmange look!).

        I love costume planning - you're so going to regret asking for suggestions on this one!

        • Re: Music

          Oh, please, feel free to suggest away. We are, in a very real sense, men, and thus are unlikely to be as good or creative as you at coming up with womens' outfits.
    • Re: Music

      Consider me officially fainted. Next thing I know, you'll have your own LJ, and you'll know what HTTP stands for.
  • If you guys decide about the orchestral soundtrack, maybe I can help. I kinda wrote a Bloodspell theme song. Let me know if you guys want to hear it. :)
    • a bout of pneumonia

      Hi there, this is the voice of Carrie.

      I just have one request: could i have some more clothes please?! From the looks of it, Angel City has a temperate climate, meaning it's gonna be bloody freezing with a neck scarf round my waist!

      And remember guys, less is more. it's so much more tantalising if a little bit of flesh is shown. Though it does put me in mind of the fith element, who is very cool and sexy.

      Other than that, i love it. well i haven't seen it the whole way through yet but what i've seen i love.
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