ihatesheep (ihatesheep) wrote in bloodspell,

zs_overman just sent us the audio for the first episode. He's been working on this (as best I can tell without sleep or human contact) for the past few days. The man is a perfectionist. That's nothing to be proud of - many people are. The difference is that zs_overman is a perfectionist and a workaholic, and tends to throw finished audio at us faster than we can film the next section. And hot darn, it's good. He sends us notes with the audio, too, trying to explain what he's aiming for. Things like

"What I spent several hours on was the positioning of the fire sources. I was trying to achieve ..."

Hugh and I are trying to be nonchalent and not act too impressed (we're seasoned and time-hardened professionals, after all), but Hugh just sent him an email with the subject header "YOU F***ING ROCK!!!", so we may have caved slightly.
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