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BloodSpell Development Updates

Monday Update - good but slow...

BloodSpell Development Updates

Monday Update - good but slow...

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Arianne dodges fireballs in one of the later action scenes in BloodSpell.

There is a rule, it would seem, in BloodSpell production.

Whenever we decide that we're going to set a hard internal deadline, and really work toward it as fast as possible, and make sure to hit it, shortly after getting started we find

a) Due to unforseen circumstances, we're going a lot slower than we thought we would.
b) A large chunk of the go-slow is because we've realised we need to change things to make them better.

That's where we're at now. Obviously, we weren't exactly intending to totally re-work our main character a couple of months before release, but, well, there you go. And we're also working on a number of other issues, notably including moving camera control (turns out it's harder than you'd think).

But, as always, the extra time will probably mean a better film. (And don't worry - the delay's not as large as all that.)
  • so...

    what's the impact on the re-record?
    • Re: so...

      Re-record will be going ahead as planned - let me know when you're available (if you haven't already - you should have gotten an email).
      • Re: so...

        no haven't got an email!
        i'm available weekends basically.
        or evenings after six.
  • camera grr

    So it wasn't just me with those camera controls then.
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