Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen

Wanted - GeekSpeaker!

1f u c@n r33d tH33z w0Rd$, w£ w@nt u FTW!!11!1

Strange Company is the world's only full-time professional company producing machinima. We're hard at work on our first feature-film, BloodSpell. We're looking to appoint someone to make loud noises about BloodSpell to the great unwashed on the interweb - a g33k sp33kR, if you will.

You'll need to be familiar with all aspects of internet culture, and be willing to work passionately in order to make as many people aware of us as possible. You'll need to be a generally bubbly person who likes talking to people online. You'll be talking to geeky websites, arty websites, pop culture websites and just plain weird websites.

You'll be working in close conjunction with our Marketing Manager, and you'll spend a *lot* of time sat in front of a computer monitor, telling interesting people about our extremely cool movie.

What do you get out of it? Well, BloodSpell's a great project, which is doing something that has genuinely never been done before. If you want to work in Internet community-based stuff, it will be great experience and also great for the CV. It should also be a lot of fun - you'll be right at the cutting edge working with a team of really cool people, doing something that's frankly more fun than most things that can be done whilst vertical.

You'll also get some great contacts. This is a high-profile project - we've already been in the Guardian, on CNN, and on BoingBoing, as well as getting around 50,000 downloads just from our trailer!

This is a voluntary position (nobody involved with BloodSpell is getting paid for it), and we'll probably need to you work about two days a week.

Sound like you? Do you, like, t0tLy pwn th1s job? Then get in touch :

More info:
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