Jehane (stormsearch) wrote in bloodspell,

Quotes from the recording session for the animatic voices.

Thus we have, in no particular order:

"Mangoes. Very messy. They are best eaten in the bath." - Craig [0]

"You're very smooth and drippy." - stormsearch

"...Although I have had a very nice bun... in a totally non-euphemistic way...." - cairmen

"Think Demon Sheep." - cairmen
"Think Goat" - Craig, in reply.

And then things really went downhill...

"Nuts." - cairmen
"Of the edible kind? This is you we're talking about." - gominokouhai

"Your couch is very bouncy!" - stormsearch
"This is still rolling, isn't it?" - gominokouhai

[0] Whose LJ name I don't know. Can someone tell me?
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