Steve (f33b) wrote in bloodspell,

How we Shoot

For those who are wondering, here's a quick rundown on how we shoot things in Neverwinter Nights.

We use the NWN DM Client, which allows us to have multiple DMs. This lets us do all sorts of nifty things, like moving around while the game is paused to position our camera, possess characters to move them around, create characters and items on demand and move characters between maps whenever we want to.

We can also do a bunch of other stuff, too.

Clicky for a screen shot, and check the explanation below...

1 - The Chooser and Creator are standard DM tools. Using them, we can select characters and apply game effects (like Invulnerability or Immortality) or jump them to locations, or even other maps. We can also create things - like characters, items and placables.
2 - This is the DM's inventory. All of those little things you can see are Wands - items that fire off game-scripts when used. We use them to do things like play animations on demand, apply effects the Chooser can't or won't let us, and set marks for our characters to move to with (relative) precision.
3 - This is the Chat pane - when characters or players talk to each other in-game, the text shows up here. "dssfdafds" isn't a 1337 haxxor code. It's a result of mashing the keyboard around the movement keys (WSAD) while talking, thus making other characters turn their heads to look at the speaker.
4 - This is the Feedback pane - all game feedback (Like "Dunge Onmaster uses item's special power.") is displayed here. We've hijacked it to get feedback for our tools, so we can see when things have worked. More importantly, we can see when things have worked correctly.
5 - This is the Quickbar, where we put all of our tools for quick access. There are three Quickbars, and we use about two and a half. So far.
For the curious, this Quickbar contains (left to right) Invulnerable, Dominated, Blood wand, Freeze wand, Cutscene Invisibility wand, One Ring (lots of DM effects), Fight Initialize wand (sets everyone to be Neutral and Immortal), Target wand (lets us make people walk to and turn to face specific points), Talk wand (makes people play the normal talk animation (we've got three others for the other talk emotes)), Ghost wand, Immobilize wand (Freeze wand stops a character mid-animation, Immobilize stops them moving from where they're standing), Remove wand (removes effects like Freeze and Immobilize).

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