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Wednesday Update

Eeek! So after much pushing and shoving (and being the first one off the mark to answer Hugh's request for Wednesday Update information - it falls to me to be the first. This of course means the entire crew will now, in the spirit of competitiveness, try and out do me.

So who the devil am I, what am I doing here and what is my purpose in life - well in Strange Company? I'm Ross Bambrey, principle editor (flash title made by me) of Blood Spell (if you don't know what that is check the links above). I have been involved with Strange Company (not in that way! Stop sniggering at the back!) for only a short time having recently come on board specifically for Blood Spell. Was I head hunted? Was I hell! I spotted an ad on an NWN forum during some bored hours searching for random gubbins, it was a year old but seemed to be looking for voice actor for a project based in Edinburgh. After the following of many links and some pestering emails they agreed to interview me and the rest as they say is geography.

So as editor I expect you are looking for some indication of my influences. I can't say I've got a favourite film - that seems narrow-minded. Though you can weigh different films against each other with pros and cons it's quite hard to say 'That's definitely the best film ever made!' - (disclaimer - if you don't agree with me - don't bother flaming me - it's what's known as an opinion!). Anyhoo, ranting over, where am I coming from? Umm, Lord of the Rings goes without saying really. The reasons are multifarious in nature but the overriding reason being the sheer love, care and attention this film was given, if you don't believe me watch the "making of". I've a soft spot for hardcore editing so please don't shoot me when I quote Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge to be influential. Whatelse? Dr Strangelove, Usual Suspects and an old favourite A Boy and His Dog (LQ Jay 1974) starring Don Johnsonn (a very young version of!) Cult! (Which does not equate to good btw).

Moving on the Machinima, well I'll confess I've not been around for long so my machinima viewing is as yet limited but I'll happily quote Anna as being top of the list so far. Beautifully made, well shot, well scripted, nice sound - all in all very good film. It's a nice break from the running jumping standing still bang bang your dead style which seems fairly dominant at the mo'.

So I've turned 3 questions into a fairly lengthy article as I was asked to however the last question has to be quoted for fun:

Why did you choose to do what you do on BloodSpell?

Because when they handed out the crew contact sheet it said "Ross Bambrey - Editor" on it :)

That's me....


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