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It's finished

Hugh and I rendered the final Release Candidate for the preview trailer at about two o'clock this morning, and then collapsed into a gibbering collective heap of exhaustion.
It's good. I think. I've rather lost perspective on the damn thing now, having just edited it for about fourteen consecutive hours, so it might be terrible. I showed it to Laura and she said that she liked it a lot, but then it was three in the morning, so it's possible that she just wanted to go to bed. We found a great piece of music to use as a soundtrack (after having to endure some truly dreadful aural assaults in the process, and one song about Jonny Depp which just had to be heard to be believed). Luckily for us, it was released under the Creative Commons license, so we were free to cut it, splice it and butcher it. (Speaking of which, Creative Commons and Open Source fans should stay tuned for coolness, courtesy of your favorite Machinima pioneers. END TEASER SPOILER)
Anyway, it's done.
We had real trouble with Premiere, when we tried to render the edited project directly to DV tape. For some reason, the audio on the first twenty seconds or so got scrambled and butched so much that we had to re-render. We tried several times with the same result. Eventually, we got around it with a kludge - we rendered out an uncompressed version to a really big hard disk (ended up at about 1.4GB for a two-minute piece of footage as I recall), and then re-imported that version into Premiere. Exported to DV then worked like a dream. Any clever people lurking on this journal with any idea as to what was going on there? It's not an immediate problem (although, where the heck where you in the early hours of this morning, hmm?), but I can bet you, using the ancient Laws of Sod, that we'll run into the same problem when we come to edit the movie proper.
I've had a bit of sleep, and I can once again spell my own name, and I've just watched the trailer again in the cold light of day. Still stands up to inspection reasonably well, I think. I spotted an error that we didn't catch last night (sorry Hugh - stop wincing), but there are two important things to note about this. (1) I think I'm watching it with such a critical eye now that I'm spotting things that the average viewer would entirely miss. Laura didn't say anything, after all.
(2) No! No! Don't make me do it! No more editing! No more, I beg you! I'll talk! I'll talk, you monsters! Just don't put me in The Room!


P.S. I'd love to post the lyrics to the Jonny Depp song on here, but we're trying to keep it reasonably family-friendly. And we're scared of Mr Depp's lawyers. I'd just like to take this opportunity to express my personal admiration for Mr Depp as an actor and a person, and to distance myself entirely from any manipulation of his personage that may or may not have been suggested as a theme for a certain trailer. Strange Company does not find humour in such puerile and cheap comedic devices, and wishes to condemn in the strongest terms anyone who does.
Ask Hugh to play the mp3 for you. It's well worth it.

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