Hugh / Cairmen (cairmen) wrote in bloodspell,
Hugh / Cairmen


Yes! I finally got some writing done today.

This may come as something of a surprise, but in my experience of being a writer-director, actually getting time to write - or rather re-write - scripts once in production is just about impossible. Before production or early pre-production, no problem. But once you're in production there's this vast juggernaut moving downhill, and there's so much to do oiling wheels, checking gears and occasionally getting out and pushing that it's quite rare to actually get a chance to look at the design of the thing.

Which is, of course, not good, because that's something that you really need to do *before* you hit a speed bump and bits start coming off.

OK, I think I've exhausted that metaphor.

Amyway, I've gotten one of the seven or so new scenes we've planned written today, and I outlined the other major new scenes over the weekend, so the creativity thing seems to be happening well. Which is, of course, the direct result of delays in another area of the project. Clouds, silver lining, and so on.
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