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CNN and the eternal Shrek problem

Good work by Hugh on CNN this morning. The interview was light but informative, and they seemed to let us get across what we wanted to get across. The rolling demo looked pretty good, even if we didn't manage to get anything bloodspell-related in there.

The thing that bugged me though (and it's something I came across a lot at EIEF as well) is that everyone's reaction to machinima seems to be the same: "Yeah, but, it doesn't look as good as Shrek, does it?" Hugh faced the same problem during the CNN interview. When he tried gamely to explain that, well, you see, machinima isn't really *trying* to be like Shrek, and is more a quick short cut to storytelling much more like Supermarionation puppetery, the interviewer nodded sagely.
"So, do you think it ever *will* be as good as Shrek?" he asked, professional fascination radiating from every pore.

It's a problem, I think, with the way in which machinima is perceived. Even when people can completely grasp what it is and what we use it for, and even when they genuinely like the idea and are intregued by it, they still think that our ultimate aim is to make Shrek in our bedrooms. Which it isn't. That's not to say that Shrek isn't a great film, and it's not to say that something very similar couldn't be produced using machinima techniques. The point is that such a product would be similar in plot, in humour, in cinimatography and in length, but not in look. The reason it bugs me so much is because I think people follow the logic through to a bad conclusion: ie, (1) these people are amateurs making films in their bedrooms for very little budget, (2) Visually, it's a rubbish version of Shrek, (3) It's probably rubbish in all other areas as well then; plot, voice acting, camerawork, etc (4) these guys wish they were as good as Pixar. Maybe one day they will be.

I think it's because machinima (at least a lot of it) basically looks like a very cheap and low-poly 3d rendering. Because most game captures *are* low-poly 3d renderings. It's also only fair to say that a lot of machinima that's currently being produced really *is* rubbish. Sloppy and amateur and painful to watch. But the best machinima is stuff that stands on its own, and is a totally unique product. My question is this (and I'm throwing the debate open to floor now): how do we distance ourselves from this inaccurate assumption of our aims and abilities? Do we need to start making machinima that is more stylised (effectively, get as close visually to traditional cell animation as we can)? Do we even care?

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