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Here in the BloodSpell Vaults, we've just aquired a bunch of new components which we hope will miraculously at some point transform themselves into a working editing suite. Like Transubstantiation, but without the guilt. Or maybe like stigmata, with only slightly less bleeding.

I'm always impressed with the advances in computer technology I get to see, what with only buying new computers every few years and all. And I'm not talking about big, techie, 16-gigglebyte hard light drive, front-side-bus now with actual passengers type of improvements, I'm talking about the small things.

Like Serial ATA, a way of connecting up hard drives. Talk to a techie and you'll hear that, y'know, it's so fast that the hard drives actually get slightly shorter when they're being used. But I cen't help but feel that its main advance is smaller sodding cables.

I can feel the wave of nodding from anyone who's tried to put together a system and ended up feeling like they were an extra in Anaconda 2, only with more acting talent. Can I get a yeah? YEAH!

And then there's our latest case. It's hard-core. I mean seriously hard-core. This is a case that is keeping it real with the kids on the street. It doesn't care about the Athlon 64 that it's got. It's still the case from the block.

For starters, it's black. Really black. None-more-black black. And it's got a clear side, so that we can see exactly when our hard drives are glowing red from peer-to-peer porn downloads intensive video editing. And it's got keys, man - you can't even open this thing without permission, it's that hard-core.

But mainly, it's got these little clicky things so that you don't have to screw in cards any more (insert "screw in" joke here), and - three fans. Check it out, man. Three fans. Four with the power supply.


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