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Over the next week or so, Strange Company are conducting a recruitment drive for various members of crew. I'll make sure to put each behind an lj cut, and do point any friends you think might be interested in my direction. First up is...

Web Developer Wanted

Strange Company is well into production on Bloodspell - (see next Thursday's Guardian 'Online' section) - our punk fantasy feature-length film of blood, magic and family, being made using Machinima technology. You may have seen Shooting People's showcase on us a while back.

We're looking for a web developer to help us out with finishing production on the feature.

You'd be working as part of a small team creating the footage of the feature film. The work is showreel only (no-one is being paid for work on Bloodspell), but it's fun, exciting work that is also excellent training for a career in film, games development or CG artwork (people who started out working with us have ended up working for Sony, Electronic Arts and other such fun places).

In the past, Strange Company projects have been featured on ITV, Channel 4 and US television, have been written up in Entertainment Weekly, Wired, and the New York Times and will appear at this year’s Edinburgh International Film Festival. We expect Bloodspell to do equally as well.

We need someone who is comfortable with both the coding and graphic design sides of setting up a website, although the majority of the work will be in the designing. It would really help if you were familiar with web standards and Cascading Style Sheets, and you'll definitely need ability with common graphics packages and some design training.

Please contact Erin McElhinney as soon as possible at erin.mcelhinney@strangecompany.org, and please include a link or copy of your showreel.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Strange Company: http://www.strangecompany.org

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