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Welcome to

Hello, and welcome.

The BloodSpell project is finished now - over just under five years, we created a hit Web animated series, turned it into a feature film, and released it all for free under Creative Commons.

If you're new here, there's tons of stuff to do. You can watch the film, either streaming or downloaded. You can watch making-of pieces about the film's creation, which was a pretty mammoth affair, and include commentaries from most of the people involved, and you can even download a two-disk DVD set complete with special features and cover artwork to burn yourself.

If you're press, or just interested, you can also access high-resolution screenshots and press releases about the film at

(Want to know why we don't sell DVDs? Learn more about that.)

And, of course, you can read this blog, which is the chronicle of a pretty unusual journey from the start of this project to being compared to Hollywood blockbusters like Stardust.

So, welcome. We enjoyed making this film, and we hope you'll enjoy watching it and learning about it.

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