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BloodSpell Development Updates

DVD update - the wait is nearly over (but the medium ain't what we hoped)

BloodSpell Development Updates

DVD update - the wait is nearly over (but the medium ain't what we hoped)

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OK, we've finally heard back from Bioware and EA.

Good news: we'll be releasing something you can burn as a DVD, next week.

Bad news: We won't be able to release a physical DVD.

EA have gotten back to us and refused our request to distribute via DVD. Obviously, this is one of the major problems with producing a Machinima film using someone else's Intellectual "Property", in today's rather screwed up legal system. I'll have some more detail on what our plans were and what happened next week.

But we have the ISOs (disk images) ready to go, so here's what we're going to do:

1) We'll upload both the ISOs, hopefully to both the Internet Archive and a Bittorrent server. You can burn these in a standard DVD writer as a DVD you can watch on television. We'll also upload disk and inlay artwork for you.
2) We'll also produce a DivX version of both DVDs, for those of you who want to listen to the commentaries but don't want to download 5 Gb of ISO.
3) Finally, we'll upload all the documentaries we produced to Blip.tv, for your streaming viewing pleasure. They'll also be on both the ISO and the DivX, but there's a lot less downloading involved in watching them on Blip.

So, it's coming, at last - the final chapter in the BloodSpell saga.
  • (Anonymous)
    Sorry to hear about the EA news. I'm not surprised though. What a missed opportunity to work with one of the top machinima companies on the planet in setting a precedent that would only benefit their image as a game company. At least they are allowing you to go the ISO route.

    What was Bioware's response?

    Good luck. I'll certainly be one of the first in line for both DVD images.

    -Ricky Grove
  • So what was their answer?

    EA said you can not release their Intellectual Poverty on a commercial DVD? Or on any physical medium? Did they give a reason for this?

    I had loved to have a professionally made BloodSpell DVD. Anyway, we'll have the ISO.

    Andre Bogus
    • Re: So what was their answer?

      The language is, probably deliberately, vague. (I don't mean them any disrespect in this - I get deliberately vague when talking legal shit sometimes too). They didn't give a reason, but reading between the lines I suspect it's a precedent/IP control/aarghaarghaargh whatifitgoeswrong deal.
      • Re: So what was their answer?

        no wonder - Rooster teeth was able to do it - EA Clamp down on what they could do..bummer
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