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BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell: the feature cut is now available!

BloodSpell Development Updates

BloodSpell: the feature cut is now available!

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Yes, you can now view or download the feature-length cut of BloodSpell right here!

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

  • Downloading now...

    I'd say we've waited long enough for that one. What could be better on a cold sunday than to download and watch the feature?

    By the way, the server seems a bit sluggish. Torrent anyone?
    • Re: Downloading now...

      We're working on faster servers - hopefully something will be up this evening.
  • Worth the wait

    Hi folks,

    Having just watched the full cut of BloodSpell, I say it's worth the wait. Congrats Hugh and folks, you rock! You even put my name in the credits *blushes* - right before Cory Doctorow (I am a fan of his writing, so *blushes twice*).

    The new-shot scenes look absolutely great - though that makes other scenes look poor in comparison. Especially Jered's escape goes from "What did they do to NWN to make it draw that?" to normal, making the difference all the more obvious. However, it does not diminish the awesomeness of it all (is that even a word?)...

    So now what do we do with the subtitles? Will there be a whole new subtitle file (as there are a few new shots, not everything can be taken from the episode files), and if so, when?

    The soundtrack page is still not complete, is it? ;-) I'd like to have a BloodSpell Soundtrack album - what would it take to release one?

    Andre Bogus
    • Re: Worth the wait

      Soundtrack album is coming, we hope - have to organise things with the artists.

      Yeah, the new scenes look good, don't they?

      Glad you liked it, and we'll have subtitles soon. And of course we put you in the credits - you helped us out no end!
  • I've been following the weekly episode releases a while back, and having just seen the feature film, I have to say, wow! It looks significantly more polished than the initial episodes, especially the opening, which covers a bunch of the points people would find confusing.
    • Great! I'm really pleased to hear that - we worked hard to polish the hell out of it and de-confusify it.

      Glad you enjoyed it.
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